Friday, March 31, 2023

Start-up: Eclo, a unique, virtuous cosmetics concept

Start-up: Eclo, a unique, virtuous cosmetics concept

Naturalness is very well; using ingredients derived from regenerative farming is even better. Eclo, a new clean makeup brand, is based on this concept, which gives a new dimension to committed beauty.

After twelve years spent in a cosmetics multinational company as a makeup product development manager, Priscille Charton wanted to give life to her own idea of more responsible cosmetics.

Day after day, I increasingly felt like applying eco-design to product innovation. The offering of clean makeup is limited, because the market is less mature than clean skincare: things are technically more complex. I was aware of the urgency to innovate differently in this field,” says Priscille Charton, co-founder of Eclo with Julien Callède and Marin Susac.

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